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96 year old Mom loves your designs!
I made the Holly Leaf Barrettes for my 96 year old Mom to wear with her sparkly tennis shoes during the Christmas season. She love…
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The Lone Stitcher designs

1 Jul 2016, 09:05

As of 30th June 2016, The Lone Stitcher (formerly The Little Stitch Shop) closed down and I have acquired all of their designs. Their designs will be re-released over the coming weeks. If you were familiar with their designs and there is something you wish to purchase in the meantime, please email me as I would be pleased to help you out. Please note however that I have not acquired the business, only the designs. The website has been taken down and therefore no download links from previous purchases are accessible. Also, I do not have access to any of their sales records, and as such I cannot re-forward any designs purchased from them prior to the closure on 30th June 2016. If you have purchased designs from The Lone Stitcher (or formerly The Little Stitch Shop) in the past, I strongly recommend that you back them up, as you will not be able to re-download them in the future.


11 May 2016, 13:15

The following is a list of designs which have been updated since they were released. For the felt designs, this will mainly be to include the "sorted" option (where multiple designs are made in one hooping where all the same colour stops for each design will stitch out together). I will continue to add to this list as time permits. When I first started doing the felt designs a few years ago, I didn't anticipate that people would want to produce them in such large quantities, and hence why the earlier sets do not currently include the "sorted" option.

If you purchased the design prior to the update and your link has expired, please email me with the order number of your purchase so that I may re-set the link for you.

Please check your download link and contact me ONLY IF YOUR LINK HAS EXPIRED. This will generally be for purchases prior to January 2012. If your link has not expired, you can simply re-download the set again to obtain the update.

Kayleigh Font - 11th May 2016 (BX format added)
Stitch n Stack Heart Felt Stitchies - 1st February 2016 ("sorted" option added plus additional size)
Brody Font - 1st February 2016 (BX format added)
Jester Font - 28th January 2016 (BX format added)
Casual Font - 17th December 2015 (BX format added)
Heather Font - 2nd December 2015 (BX format added)
Rhumba Font - 30th November 2015 (BX format added)
Script Font - 27th November 2015 (BX format added)
Mini Morris Font - 23rd November 2015 (BX format added)
Chelsea Font - 17th November 2015 (BX format added)
Billy Font - 17th November 2015 (BX format added)
Curlz Font - 28th October 2015 (BX format added)
Journal Font - 28th October 2015 (BX format added)
Paw Print Alphabet - 28th October 2015 (BX format added)
Princess Crown Felt Stitchies - 15th October 2015 ("sorted" option added plus additional size)
Butterfly Felt Stitchies - 18th September 2015 ("sorted" option added plus additional size)
Gingerbread Felt Stitchies - 13th September 2015 ("sorted" option added)
Sunglasses Case - 13th August 2015 (additional size added)
Elephant Felt Stitchies
- 19th July 2015 ("sorted" option added plus additional size)
Monkey Felt Stitchies
- 30th March 2015 ("sorted" option added plus additional size)
Monkey Clippie Keeper - 30th March 2015 (three additional sizes added)
70mm Snap Clip Cover - 2nd February 2015 ("sorted" option added - 4x4 and 5x7 hoops)
Ladybug Felt Stitchies - 30th January 2015 ("sorted" option added)
(also please note - the Ladybug set now includes only the ladybugs. I have had many requests just for the ladybugs, so the leaf snap clip cover must now be a separate purchase. If you purchased the set when both were included, your updated files will include both).
Stitch n Stack Flower Felt Stitchies - 9th January 2015 ("sorted" option added - larger flowers will require 5x7 hoop)
Basic Alligator Clip Covers
- 29th December 2014 ("sorted" option added - both 4x4 and 5x7 hoops)
Football Felt Stitchies - 17th November 2014 ("sorted" option added, plus extra size)
Smiley Pumpkin Sucker Cover - 17th November 2014 ("sorted" 5x7 design added)
Acorn Felt Stitchies - 8th October 2014 ("sorted" option added)
Smiley Pumpkin Felt Stitchies - 8th October 2014 ("sorted" option added)
Basic Snap Barrette Clip Covers - 14th May 2014 ("sorted" option added - both 4x4 and 5x7 hoops)
Baby Chick Felt Stitchies - 21st March 2014 ("sorted" option added)
Owl Felt Stitchies - 21st December 2013 ("sorted" option added plus additional size)
Smiley Ghost Felt Stitchies - 27th September 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Mini (30mm) Snap Clip Cover - 3rd September 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Cowboy Boot Felt Stitches - 21st July 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Soccer Ball Felt Stitchies - 21st April 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Basketball Felt Stitchies - 21st April 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Kitty Felt Stitchies - 18th April 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Leaf Snap Clip Cover - 6th March 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Shamrock Felt Stitchies - 8th February 2013 ("sorted" option added)
Baseball Felt Stitchies - 2nd May 2012 ("sorted" option added)
Bunny Felt Stitchies - 24th March 2012 ("sorted" option added)
Owl Clippie Keeper - 29th January 2012 (5x7 size added)


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