Site Testimonials

I have bought SEVERAL of the designs and just love them! They stitch out beautifully. The affordable prices are awesome too. Thanks so much!! - Jessica Engel, Dec 20 2009, 00:00 am
Yet another great design, zippered tissue cases. Very, very clear instructions and I love the stipple. Thankyou! Thankyou! - Doreen Robin, Dec 30 2009, 00:00 am
I sewed out the owlie applique this weekend on a tiny shirt for my Grandbaby who wont be here until May.. planning on making the matching toy next weekend :) Very happy with the embroidery work! - Diane Jennings, Feb 02 2010, 00:00 am
Tissue holder and coasters are wonderful. They look very professional & would be proud to give as gifts. I started making the tissue holders & one grew to 12 in no time. Used left over material to make the coasters. Please continue to provide such quality products. - Brenda Argo, Feb 06 2010, 00:00 am
Can I just say I just purchased your design about 30 minutes ago and I am already finished embroidering it. I purchased the baby tie..I have purchased 3 ties previously from other sites and have not been satisified in how they sewn out. Your is beautiful. No gaps in between stiches..all even...tightly done...really beautiful work. Will definately be purchasing from you again. Thank You!! - Jessica Finkelstein, Feb 08 2010, 00:00 am
Hi I made the doggy toy bones for my dogs from fleece - I used a layer of scrap cotton fabric on the bias under the fleece - they love them and they have lasted which is more than I can say about supermarket dog toys! - Faith Martin, Feb 11 2010, 00:00 am
Just made the tissue holder. How GREAT!!! Would love to see a baby wipe holder. Thanks so much for the great designs. Vicki Anderson - Vicki Anderson, Feb 22 2010, 00:00 am
I make floral and team spirit hair clips for my daughter. Having the felt cover on the clip allows me to more securely anchor the faux flowers, ribbons and beads. Just need them in JUMBO size now. These designs sewed like a dream. - Kathleen Joslyn, Mar 07 2010, 00:00 am
Just finished the tissue case and wanted to tell how fantastic it is and your instructions are perfect. Thank you! - darlene schafer, Mar 18 2010, 00:00 am
I do not even feel the need to test sew your designs anymore. They sew out beautifully! I have most of your designs and I am looking forward to new designs soon! - Chrysti Newton, Mar 18 2010, 00:00 am