The Lone Stitcher / Little Stitch Shop designs

Date: 1st July 2016

As of 30th June 2016, The Lone Stitcher (formerly The Little Stitch Shop) closed down and I have acquired all of their designs.

Please note however that I have not acquired the business, only the designs. The website has been taken down and therefore no download links from previous purchases are  accessible. Also, I do not have access to any of their sales records, and as such I cannot re-forward any designs purchased from them prior to the closure on 30th June 2016. If you have purchased designs from The Lone Stitcher (formerly The Little Stitch Shop) in the past, I strongly recommend that you back them up, as you will not be able to re-download them from anywhere in the future.

Their designs will be gradually re-released. If you were familiar with their designs and there is something you wish to purchase in the meantime, please contact me as I would be more than happy to help you out.