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I absolutely love everything i have bought from GG designs embroidery and they all stitch out flawlessly. Impeccable designs and gorgeous products. Many thanks x

- Alicia, Dec 15 2019, 00:42 am
This is the 3rd coaster "in the hoop" project I have purchased. And this ONE ROCKS! All the others were dreadful and I would never in a million years give as a gift or ever sell - this is exactly what I dreamed of. THANK YOU! - Jennifer, Nov 03 2009, 00:00 am

Thank you!

- Rebecca McConnell, Mar 26 2021, 01:04 am
I have purchased several fonts and all of them stitch out beautiful everytime. - Karen, Nov 06 2009, 00:00 am

Love all the sliders and treat bags. They are so easy to do and the directions are so easy and simple to understand. The stitching is so perfect and well done. Thank you also for all the help in my "special request" as your customer service is outstanding. Thank you so much. Keep designing so I can keep buying. Have a wonderful day.

- Dianne D, Jul 04 2022, 21:39 pm
I have purchased several applique designs, fonts and numbers. They ALL stitched out beautifully. - Cindy, Nov 08 2009, 00:00 am
I made this little sunshine for my baby and everyone loves it. I've since made lots more for other little ones as they all fall in love with it when they see my daughter with hers :) Best design ever! Great instructions and stitches out beautifully :) - Laura Pearce, Nov 16 2009, 00:00 am
You have made these so easy to make! I just love your work on this design and all the other designs I have purchased from you. I check your site often to see what you have that is new. Keep up your great work. I don’t sell my work. I just make these for gifts and for charitable causes so I must say your work has made a lot of people happy. You can’t imagine how far reaching your ideas have gone and how many hearts you have touched because you chose to share your talent via internet with all the embroidery enthusiasts of the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to buy your designs and I appreciate all that you do to make each design easy to make and beautiful too. - Mary, Nov 22 2009, 00:00 am
This pattern is absolutely adorable. It stitches up so quick, easy to follow instructions and looks wonderful. Instead of using one piece of fabric and flannel, I layered 5 fabrics for each section. Love, Love, Love this design! Thank you for designing this unique design. - Teri Boyd, Dec 09 2009, 00:00 am
I LOVE the'Delightful' and 'Tinkertoy' font's I use them on almost all of my designs now because they stitch out great and come in the perfect size for little items without having to do a lot of shrinking or enlarging! They are perfect! - Rhonda Carroll, Dec 12 2009, 00:00 am